Local authorities in charge of water management:

  • Who must preserve their natural resources without delay.
  • Who wish to set up a new wastewater treatment plant (< 5000EH) in less than a year, or to boost the capacity of their existing plant.
  • Who prefer to obtain water that has already been disinfected, without adding tertiary treatment.

Managers of biogas production units & farmers:

  • Who wish to spread or store much less digestates or slurry.
  • Who want to make their production unit or operation more profitable.
  • Which are limited by areas or distances for spreading.

Industrial site operators:

  • Who want to reduce their dependence on water resources.
  • Who want to make the most of the energy and materials in their wastewater.
  • Which must take care of the micro-pollutants.

Builders & Managers of eco-responsible housing:

  • Which are penalized by the quantity or quality of water available.
  • Looking for savings on water and energy costs.
  • Who wish to preserve natural water reserves.

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